Need help with choosing the right sentiments for the occasion?  Below we have a collection of ideas for you to choose from.  And remember, here at
All Kustom Made Engraving  we do not charge extra for engraving.


1.  May every tomorrow be twice as sunny and sweet as all the days that came before.

2.  Celebrate the love you share.

3.  You have a wonderful gift in each other.  Happy anniversary.

4.  I found compassion in your eyes, comfort in your arms, and eternal love in your heart.  Happy anniversary

5.  Your love is an inspriation.  Happy 25th anniversary!

6.  Congratulaitons on your silver anniversary.  Your marriage was truly made in heaven.

7.  Fifty yours of wedded bliss, each worth its weight in gold.  Congratulations on your golden anniversary.

8.  May your golden anniversary be as special as the day you said "I do"!